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Aircraft Operational Capabilities

The Beechcraft KingAir B200 aircraft is undoubtedly Cimas Rescue’s air transportation vehicle of choice for the specialized mission dictates of the Air Ambulance Service and seamlessly fits into our operations due to the following capabilities:
Permanently configured into an air ambulance.
Pressurised twin-engine aircraft with a proven track record of outstanding single engine performance in an emergency.
Maximum cruise range of up to 3095km with full fuel endurance of 6 hours.
Maximum cruise altitude 35000 feet enabling the aircraft to fly in the smoother upper airspace free of the influence of adverse weather elements.
Short take-off and landing performance which enables the aircraft to operate into most African air fields that are on average 800 meters long and usually have gravel, grass or dirt surfaces.
Fitted with sophisticated VHF, HF radio and satellite telephone communication for regular updates of the patient’s condition during the flight.
Satellite navigation and tracking systems for effective and accurate flight following.
Based in Harare International Airport which offers the benefit of 24hours access to all ground services that include refueling, customs, immigration and port health clearance.

May 15, 2020



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